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Finance leads the way, the fifth annual Finance Indaba Africa on 14 & 15 October 2020 enables you and 5,000 other finance professionals to boost your knowledge, your network and your career - ultimately benefiting your business, your family and your country.


In 2020, Finance Indaba Africa introduces exciting new concepts like Tech Demo Rooms, Coaches on Couches and Mentor Mania, alongside an unparalleled conference with world class speakers and a state-of-the-art exhibition. The expo showcases the latest, greatest and most relevant tools and services that enable finance to lead the way to more profit and sustainable success.


To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Finance Indaba, the final programme will be co-created with the 10,000 other delegates who have been involved since the launch of the landmark event in 2016. A cross-section of the country’s best CFO’s is volunteering its time to share tips, insights and leadership advice with you and your colleagues from finance teams across all industries.

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