Terms and Conditions: 1. This is a trade-only event as such we are unable to admit anyone under 16 years of age. 2. All visitors must cooperate with the security team and all bags are liable to security searches. 3. Name badges must be worn at all times. 4. Filming/photography is not permitted unless prior consent has been obtained from the organisers 5. The organiser will take photographs and videos at the event and may use these for marketing purposes

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I understand that by scanning my badge at a TouchPoint or by allowing my badge to be scanned by an exhibitor or sponsor, I will be providing that exhibitor or sponsor with my personal contact data (as disclosed when registering). I consent to this personal data being transferred and accept that this exhibitor or sponsor may contact me about their products or services. I agree that this partner or sponsor may transfer my data outside of the European Economic Area for these purposes and I consent to such transfer. I also understand and agree that my personal data may be held and used by the organiser of this event, and any third party hosting provider acting on its behalf, in order to stage the event and to analyse visitor traffic with a view to improving the event experience for participants.

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