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ABISS 2018 is the Belgian network event and summit for industrial production plants who wish to digitize, automate and integrate some, several or the whole of their business processes. At ABISS, you will find some 50 companies specialized in the development of specific software, apps, consultancy and services. All these should make processes such as engineering, production, planning, maintenance, quality control, asset management, logistics, after sales, etc… digitized, high-performant, mobile and connected in order to produce in a faster, smarter and more competitive way.  

You will also have free access to 8 hands-on cases, the Expert Classes, presented by experienced keynote speakers. 
 As we wish to invest in a well-considered and high quality catering, we hope that we can rely on your presence.

October 4th, 2018, from 9h till 18h

Hall XXL, Kortrijk Xpo
Doorniksesteenweg 216
8500 Kortrijk

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